Aquarium Delivery & Setup

Wanna buy a tank but can’t get it home?  Not a problem we will deliver it for you.  Not sure or don’t have the time to set it up, that’s not a problem either.  Let our expert staff set it up for you.

Our goal at the Fish Hut of New Jersey is to provide quality service to all our customers. When coming to the Fish Hut you will receive expert advise for the type of fish you are looking for. We have marine specialists for our saltwater section that can help answer any question you may have.

We not only provide you with all the Fish you may want but we also spend one on one time with our costumers in teaching them the proper way to care for certain fish. We also do Aquarium Maintenance, Set-ups, and Moving your tank.

Stop by today to the home with over 500+ fish tanks…  You will get lost upon walking thru the rows of fish tanks.

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Tank Delivery

Deliver and place tank, stand, equipment, gravel and ensure stand is level. Also, fill tank with water (marine salt if necessary).

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Acclimate Fish

Acclimate appropriate fish (ensure proper coral and live rock placement for reef tanks) and professional aqua-scape.

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Deluxe Delivery

Complete set up includes all services listed above, but may also include installation of custom plumbing, custom lighting, custom filtration, etc.

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Featured Services

Care Advice

Are you not sure how to care for a certain fish or having a problem with a fish tank?

We can help, we are only a phone call away.  Any one of our staff members will be able to help you.

Fast Delivery

Wanna buy a big tank but don’t have a way of transporting it home?

We can do it for you.  We offer delivery on all tank and tank set-ups.

Gift Certificates

Are you having a problem finding something for that hard to buy person?

Why not buy them a gift card to Fish Hut of New Jersey and they can go about buying fish, or needs for their aquarium…  These gift cards can also be used towards services of aquariums…